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So, what the heck is a 
Marsh Haus? 
Marsh Haus is 100% Nicole MARSH and ~30% Jeffery FrankenHAUSer. We work together in just about every aspect of life: as graphic designers, educators, and as the parents of a pretty cool kid named Simon. 
We design for businesses of all sizes, from one-person startups to Umpqua Bank. We also work with clients from all professions, from a midwestern cannabis company to the Oregon Secretary of State. 

Nicole MARSH (She/her) 
Graphic Designer, Educator, Cool Mom™
A lifelong fan of late nights spent on my computer learning a new digital discipline, I’ve dabbled in several multimedia professions, beginning with a 3-year stint directing live TV news—but I always return to designing digital graphics. When I’m not actively doing graphic design, I’m teaching it at my alma mater, Portland State University! 

FrankenHAUSer (He/him) 
Designer, Illustrator, Responsible Dad™
I work hard to simplify and clarify complex information and ideas into thoughtful, approachable pieces. I’m passionate about solving problems with design, and my best work comes from designing within systems and limitations. In addition to my problem-solving skills, I am also an experienced illustrator, which allows me to take projects from conception to completion.
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