Nicole Marsh
​​​Graphic Designer, Educator, Cool Mom™
As a second-generation Portlander raising a third generation, and an educator teaching at my alma mater, my focus is on community. This commitment is reflected in the clients I often work with: small businesses and organizations making a local impact.
Marsh Haus isn’t just me, of course. My spouse and fellow graphic designer, Jeffery Frankenhauser hops on board for big projects and jobs requiring his niche expertise, which I’ll let him tell you all about. Take it away, Jeff!
Jeffery Frankenhauser
​​​Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Regular Dad™
Hi! I’m a designer and illustrator also from Portland, Oregon. I work hard to simplify and clarify complex information and ideas into thoughtful, approachable pieces. I am passionate about solving problems with design, and my best work comes from designing within systems and limitations. In addition to my problem solving, I am also an experienced illustrator, which allows me to take projects from conception to completion.
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